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I love hearing from readers and fellow bloggers! Here’s how you can get in touch:

Email me: joni<dot>leimgruber<at>gmail<dot>com

Twitter me: @jonisjottings

Facebook me: Joni’s Jottings and Every 1 Matters

Instagram: jonileimgruber

Chat soon!

Are you interested in contributing to Every (1) Matters?

If you’re passionate about raising awareness on social justice issues and enjoy writing informative and inspirational pieces, I’d love to hear from you!

Every (1) Matters is a developing blog with a small, but growing readership. This blog exists as a space for women to be educated and inspired to play their part in the world.


Some post ideas:

  • share your own story of hope and healing
  • write about a project/business you’re working on in an effort to do your bit
  • educate us all about something we need to know about
  • air your thoughts on an interesting, important topic – open it up for debate
  • write an open letter to a company or politician and share it online with us so we can encourage and support you
  • share your thoughts and insight on a current news items
  • write about a revelation you’ve had/relative biblical story

If you’re interested in contributing, or just want to find out more about a post, please email me at joni<dot>leimgruber<at>gmail<dot>com

I look forward to hearing from you!

8 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Great blog site Joni, I want to keep up with your wise jottings. I sent the last one onto some friends because it was so great to see the promo you did for Ros and the wonderful work she is doing.

  2. Thanks Babe for once again refocusing my priorities on the reality of the true world and the needs of those less fortunate.

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