Profile: Cotton On Foundation

There are many people and organisations working towards the same goal: improving child and maternal survival and health standards. In these profile posts I’ll try and spread the word on the good works people are doing to change the situation of mothers and their babies. During The Sunflower Effect, while we raise funds for The Mercy House Kenyawhich care for mums and their babies, we’ll also be supporting others who are doing good – it’s much more fun that way!

Let’s get started on Profile #1!

Name: Cotton On Foundation


Based: Australia

Tagline: Fashion For A  Cause

I was pretty chuffed when I  saw the “I’ve Helped Empower Mums in Uganda” bags at our local Cotton On store. Companies like Cotton On have the opportunity to use their name and status to raise awareness on issues like child and maternal mortality. And of course they have done it in their signature funky style!

Here’s what they have to say about the project:

Becoming a mother is one of the most special times in a woman’s life. It’s filled with so many joys and with pregnancy comes numerous important questions. Which hospital will I go to? What type of birth will I have? Will I breastfeed? We take this for granted but many women in developing countries are not able to make these choices. In Uganda, most women have never even entered a hospital.
• Less than 50% of births in Uganda take place in health facilities
• Only 42% of birth are attended by a skilled birthing attendant
• The infant mortality rate in Uganda is 64.82 deaths per 1000 live births
Changing these statistics is as easy as walking into a Cotton On Kids store. This October, connect with a mother and her baby in Mannya village, Uganda by buying a limited edition tote bag for only $2. All net proceeds from the sale of this bag will go towards creating a healthy and happy future for mums and their babies in rural Uganda. Funds raised will provide more than 700 women with maternal and child health
education sessions as well as extend their local hospital’s maternity ward, so that expectant mothers can have a safe place to deliver their babies.

Knowledge will empower these women to make well informed decisions for themselves and their families, equipping them for a happier and healthier future.
Proceeds will go to Mannya village in Uganda, a township of 7,000 people. The Cotton On Foundation has been working with the local community for five years, assisting them with funding for health, education, infrastructure and sustainability.

As well as selling these bags, the Cotton On Foundation helps out in many different areas:

  • they work to support a village – Mannya – in Uganda
  • are currently assisting the Geelong Hospital Childrens Ward redevelopment
  • support the Kids Foundation which runs camps for children recovering from burns
  • back up Youth Beyond Blue – a mental health initiative
  • and make one-off donations to other causes and organisations

Here are a few tips for helping out a disadvantaged mum today..


1. Follow the Cotton On Foundation on Facebook – maybe even post on their wall or email them, letting them know that you appreciate and support their work. I’m sure they’d love the feedback 🙂
2. Visit your local Cotton On store and pick up one of these cute totes for $2 and show it off proudly.
3. While we’re talking about fashion for a cause – those dresses and scarves floating around the back of your wardrobe, never to be worn again? How about spruking them on eBay and donating the profits to The Sunflower Effect? Now THAT’S fashion for a cause 🙂 You could even mention in the ad that you’re selling them for a good cause – people might get behind you and bid even higher!

Have fun!

Joni x

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*The Sunflower Effect supports the work of The Mercy House Kenya and Kristen Welch (

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