News Flash: Mercy Rising

Two years ago at Colour Conference, my heart was moved beyond tears. It was the experience that birthed this blog.

At Colour I learned of the reality of Human Trafficking and that many, many children – the age of my own children – are living as sex slaves. SEX SLAVES. It’s incomprehensible.

Through The A21 Campaign I’ve learned more and helped out where I could. It’s a tragedy I can’t ignore.

So when I learned that Mercy House Kenya have started caring for precious little children who have been rescued from Trafficking, I was excited. Excited to see God doing things all over the place – to get His precious kids out of this horrendous situation.

Here’s an exert from Mercy House’s recent update: Continue reading

Book: Big Porn Inc.

There’s quite a buzz around at the moment about a new book about porn. Big Porn Inc (edited by Melinda Tankard Reist and Abigail Bray) is written to help combat the mainstreaming and normalisation of porn. It is a compilation of pieces written by women and men who are sick of watching pornography eat away at women, children and society.

Big Porn Inc is not an anti-sex book. As is written in the introduction: “Challenging the sexist and racist pornographic industrialisation of intimacy is not an anti-sex position. Pornography is a distortion of respect-based sexuality“. Continue reading

A Destiny to Rescue

I‘m pleased to introduce you to Every (1) Matters’ first ever guest poster, Melissa Sharman! It’s an honour to have her write this week’s post and I’m sure you’ll agree; she has an amazing gift with words. That combined with her heart for justice leaves us with a wonderful, thought provoking post. Pop over and visit Melissa’s blog, Dusty Highways!

I’d love to share a journey with you. It won’t be comfortable; truth rarely is. If you allow it, it will ruffle your nicely groomed feathers, and pull at the strings of your neatly packaged heart. But it is a journey in which you may find – and it is my prayer that you do – something extraordinary. That something is you. I may not know you, but I believe that we all have a unique and beautiful gift of eternal significance to give to this broken world. Though to see the light in ourselves, sometimes we need to first open our hearts to a little brokenness.

I recently experienced my own journey through brokenness on a Speaker Training Trip with Destiny Rescue. Destiny Rescue is an aid and development organisation that works to rescue girls from sexual slavery in South-east Asia and Africa. Continue reading

Learning About Local Trafficking

This week I finally made the decision to become an abolishionist for The A21 Campaign. The A21 Campaign “is comprised of individuals, organizations, government officials, and people like you who are committed to abolishing injustice in the 21st century. Our goal is to raise awareness, take legal action where appropriate, and offer rehabilitation services to rescued victims of Human Trafficking in order to fight this injustice from a comprehensive approach. Additionally, we want to branch out to address this issue from a preventative standpoint, aiming to cripple the Human Trafficking trade so there are fewer victims that need to be rescued.”

I have thought about becoming an abolishionist for a long time but, truth be told, I felt intimidated. As a mum with young kids, no university education, limited professional experience and a limited budget, I figured there wasn’t much I could do to help. Then I realised that even if I can only do a little bit, it would be a tragedy to hold even that to myself. So, I took the plunge, signed up and during the process, learned more about Human Trafficking and specifically, trafficking into Australian. Continue reading

Start the Conversations

Some subjects are difficult to bring up. Human trafficking, poverty, sexual abuse; these are all subjects nobody really wants to talk about. Ironically, it’s these subjects that we must bring up. If we don’t have conversations about human trafficking, how will the shroud of secrecy be lifted? If we don’t discuss the millions of starving people, from where will the funds come to feed them? If we don’t bring up the fact that our children are being exposed to too much sex, too early, who will even notice it happening?

Part of the edict of Every (1) Matters is to help all of us raise awareness about the issues plaguing our people; because every 1 matters.

 There are some great resources flying around the www so I’ve collated a few. These clips are easy to share, tweet, fb or email. Send them to your friends, family and colleagues. Start the conversations.

Continue reading

Victims Slammed By The Media – Again

I’ve been watching closely as Kristy Fraser-Kirk has sought compensation from David Jones ex CEO Mark McInnes for sexual harrassment. It’s always interesting when these stories make the headlines because the best interest of the victims is often disregarded by the media. This case has been a prime example. Here’s a basic outline of what has happened over the last few months.

On June 20, 2010 The Courier Mail reported:

MARK McInnes has been described as a playboy and a womaniser who was rarely without female company.

But the fate of the man at the centre of one of Australia’s biggest corporate scandals is linked to just two women: his pregnant partner Lisa Kelly, who appears determined to stand by her man, and publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk, whose damning allegations of sexual misconduct against Mr McInnes led to his resignation as chief executive of retail giant David Jones.

Ms Fraser-Kirk, an attractive 25-year-old blonde from Sydney’s North Shore, is on leave from the retail giant since she alerted its board to allegations of Mr McInnes’s misconduct at two work functions. Continue reading