Victims Slammed By The Media – Again

I’ve been watching closely as Kristy Fraser-Kirk has sought compensation from David Jones ex CEO Mark McInnes for sexual harrassment. It’s always interesting when these stories make the headlines because the best interest of the victims is often disregarded by the media. This case has been a prime example. Here’s a basic outline of what has happened over the last few months.

On June 20, 2010 The Courier Mail reported:

MARK McInnes has been described as a playboy and a womaniser who was rarely without female company.

But the fate of the man at the centre of one of Australia’s biggest corporate scandals is linked to just two women: his pregnant partner Lisa Kelly, who appears determined to stand by her man, and publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk, whose damning allegations of sexual misconduct against Mr McInnes led to his resignation as chief executive of retail giant David Jones.

Ms Fraser-Kirk, an attractive 25-year-old blonde from Sydney’s North Shore, is on leave from the retail giant since she alerted its board to allegations of Mr McInnes’s misconduct at two work functions. Continue reading

Human Trafficking – A Difficult Subject To Bring Up

Human trafficking isn’t a popular topic. Most of us would prefer to enjoy our comparitively good life than get down and grimy hearing about what goes on in the back rooms of our seediest brothels. Difficult as it may be, it’s important to talk about human trafficking and help others to understand that we all have to do our bit in the fight against it. We don’t have to be full-on about it and there’s no need to traumatise everyone with the gory details but if there’s an opportunity to drop a comment about how common it is or that it’s happening here or to mention a documentary you recently saw (or an awesome blog post you read!!), take the opportunity and allow them to begin processing the fact that human trafficking exists EVERYWHERE.

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Australia: An Appealing Market for Sex Traffickers

Australia is an appealing market for sex traffickers. That came as a surprise when I first read it but on second thoughts, why wouldn’t we be?

On their website, Project Respect lists the following reasons behind the demand for trafficked women in the Australian sex industry: Continue reading

Book Review: Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam

This book has the potential to change its readers. It has the potential to touch them deep inside and alter something within, propelling them, making it impossible for them to now do nothing about the atrocity that is human trafficking.

Somaly Mam was abandoned as an infant, raped at twelve and forced into marriage at fifteen. After being sold to a Cambodian brothel, Ms Mam endured an unimaginable existence but was able to escape and has found a way to help other victims of this terrible trade. Continue reading