As a Sponsor, Do I Really Have Compassion?

The realisation came slowly. They usually do. It started when I read a post on the Compassion blog which talked about a woman who grew up being sponsored through Compassion. Although eternally grateful for the sponsorship, this lady couldn’t help but cry everytime she mentioned that her sponsor never wrote to her. Not one letter. Not once. I read about the children who were so disappointed and sad when their friends received letters from their sponsors but they repeatedly missed out (sorry, I can’t find that post!)

A few weeks later I read another compassion post – in which Chris Giovagnoni a Compassion advocate challenged himself to become a better, less ‘selfish’ sponsor. Continue reading

Every (1) Matters – Especially at Easter

Fair trade, social justice, ethical consumerism… words that are being flung around as the hip catch phrases of the season. It goes much deeper than a fad though. It MUST go so much deeper. Who are the little faces behind these words? At grass roots level, what does the absence of these words look like?

Here is what Compassion has to say:

According to Stop the Traffik Chairman, Steve Chalke, “Almost 50 per cent of the world’s chocolate is produced by using chocolate slaves—that’s children trapped into slavery and forced to produce cocoa beans.1Continue reading

Revolt of a Soccer Mum

Like thousands of other women who spilled out of Colour Conference this week and last, I’m committing what is in my heart to God and getting busy with what is in my hand (thanks Bobbie :o).

As mothers and wives it’s so easy for us to be dilligently working with our own families, our own communities, our own little worlds, oblivious to the world at large. In fact, most of us (okay, maybe it’s just me!) have been living that way most of our lives. Continue reading