News Flash: Mercy Rising

Two years ago at Colour Conference, my heart was moved beyond tears. It was the experience that birthed this blog.

At Colour I learned of the reality of Human Trafficking and that many, many children – the age of my own children – are living as sex slaves. SEX SLAVES. It’s incomprehensible.

Through The A21 Campaign I’ve learned more and helped out where I could. It’s a tragedy I can’t ignore.

So when I learned that Mercy House Kenya have started caring for precious little children who have been rescued from Trafficking, I was excited. Excited to see God doing things all over the place – to get His precious kids out of this horrendous situation.

Here’s an exert from Mercy House’s recent update: Continue reading

News Flash: New Baby Born @ Mercy House!

Yesterday a precious baby was born to Sarah, one of the residents at The Mercy House. During a routine check-up, doctors diagnosed her baby with fetal tachycardia and Sarah underwent an emergency caesarian. The baby – a tiny little boy … Continue reading