I’ve had an idea.. let me know what you think

Question. Can $10 really change the world?

I believe it can, which is why The Sunflower Effect exists; a place where I (plus others, more on that later) can give what I can, when I can, to people who need it most. It’s kind of like sowing a seed. If I give $10 for example, that’s a seed, which will grow and multiply as it feeds, nourishes or heals a person.

In Kenya, my $10 can:

$2 = three nutritious meals for a pregnant girl


$3 = intense, one-on-one counselling session


$1 =clean water for one girl


$4 = two weeks rent for one girl Continue reading

It’s a Bake-Off!

You’ll have to excuse me.. I’m having a bit of a proud mum moment. Even though it’s been a month since the fact, I’m bubbling with happiness that somehow, my kids seem to be getting it.. They’re beginning to understand the impact they can have on the world.. That they have power, wealth, priviledge* to share with others.

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