Profile: Cotton On Foundation

There are many people and organisations working towards the same goal: improving child and maternal survival and health standards. In these profile posts I’ll try and spread the word on the good works people are doing to change the situation … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Handbags

I used to feel a deep sense of satisfaction after a ‘bargain hunting’ trip to the shops; new handbag for $20, cool top for $5, cute necklace for $3.. but not anymore. The more I learn about child slavery the more I realise that while I may not be paying much for these items, others are  – dearly. And this is a fact I have chosen not to ignore any longer. In fact, often it’s not a conscious decision not to purchase products which are highly likely to have been produced through slave/child labour; I can practically ‘smell’ it in the store. It’s not necessarily a tangible smell (my nostrils aren’t flaring!) but there’s a definite sense that things just aren’t right (more on that later). Continue reading

CEO Sleepout Founder’s Mission

Last night, a thousand CEOs slept rough at Luna Park, raising money ($4m in total) and awareness for the 150 000 people who sleep rough every night. Nudie CEO, James Ajaka, spoke to Kochie on Sunrise this morning:

I had the honour of interviewing CEO Sleepout founder Bernie Fehon a few years ago. Here’s an article I wrote for Blue Mountains Life magazine in 2009. As you’ll see, the Sleepout has gone from strength to strength in the years since! Continue reading

Positive Media

I’ve been noticing some fresh, positive media floating around the place and loving what I see!! I thought it would be nice to have a look at some of the positive stuff going on in the world of media.

A lot of people are talking about new movie Soul Surfer – which thrills me. The movie follows the true story of a young girl (Bethany Hamilton) who loses her arm (to a shark no less!) while doing what she loves – surfing. Her faith in God helps her get through the experience and eventually return to the sport. The cast includes Helen Hunt, Denis Quaid and Carrie Underwood.

Critics are commenting on the faith-based nature of the film (not altogether

Bethany Hamilton

positively, as would be expected): Continue reading

Dilmah – Doing Good All Along

One thing I really  enjoy is finding out that a brand or product I like is ethical in their trading. I think it’s more encouraging and empowering to find and learn about these companies, rather than just those who are not doing the right thing by their workers. I much more enjoy scanning the shelves for products I enjoy, knowing they are made ethically, than boycotting those who are not. (side note: does anyone know if boycotting actually works?)

I was enjoying a cup of tea at Mum’s the other day and commented on the lovely, full flavour. She mentioned it was Dilmah. I’ve always enjoyed Dilmah tea but have avoided purchasing it because it lacks the Fair Trade logo. Silly me. I assumed that because it wasn’t Fair Trade certified that their business structure was detrimental to local communities. As they always say, when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. This was one of those moments 🙂 Continue reading