True Story: Mariama Boubacar


Name: Mariama Boubacar

Age: 25 years

Origin: A hamlet near Ouallam, in the west of Niger

I was married at 15 and pregnant at 17. Unfortunately, that first baby died through lack of assistance. It was only on the third day of labour that the baby came into the world lifeless. At the end of my second pregnancy I ended up with fistula because no-one helped me during birth. Continue reading

Guest Posting @ Sharni’s

Today – International Women’s Day – I’m posting over at my lovely friend’s blog: Sharnanigans. Come on over  and say hi 🙂

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International Women’s Day:: Challenge!

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. I wanted to do something to celebrate the day and also to show my support to the women living at Mercy House Kenya.

Wanna join me?

The challenge is fun, easy and (I hope!) inspiring.

There are three simple steps, do them now, or early next week – whenever! Continue reading

A Bundle of Joy

Should the Australian government be giving more money to charity? Are we giving enough already? Or can we even afford it?

I don’t know the answers to these questions – in an ideal world though, I think we should definitely be giving more – but then again, if it was an ideal world, there’d be no poverty!

World Vision Australia’s Bundle of Joy campaign is all about getting Australians together for one cause: asking the Government to give more to impoverished mothers and their babies in the next budget (due in May).

The global community has made significant progress in reducing child deaths over the past decade or so. In 1990, 12.4 million child deaths were recorded globally. By 2010, this figure had reduced to 7.6 million.

While this shows we are making great progress, we still have far to go. The death rates of newborn babies in developing countries is still unacceptably high, with infant mortality of newborns during their first 28 days making up 40 percent of global child deaths.

(- World Vision Australia) Continue reading

CNN Story Helps Inspire Mercy House Founding

In 2010, after returning from a trip to Kenya with Compassion, blogger Kristen Welch read a story which broke her heart. It was one of many signs pointing Kristen and her family towards starting Mercy House Kenya.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Beatrice was 14 when she died after an illegal abortion last year, and left a hole in her mother’s heart. Continue reading

The Story of Hadija and Moses

“My twins were born alive; I held them in my arms and it was beautiful. I tried desperately to feed them, but my body was too weak to produce the breast milk they needed. I did everything I could to source nourishment for my babies; I fed them water every day. And yet sat by helplessly as I watched my precious children die one after the other.”

These are the words which broke my heart. The words which started The Sunflower Effect. The words of a heartbroken mother. One who lost six babies – babies who should all be alive today, but aren’t. Simply because there was no help.

This beautiful mother – Hadija is her name – recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She named him Moses. Moses is healthy and alive. Why? Because there was help. The Compassion Child Survival Program stepped in and saved Moses and changed Hadija’s life forever. Continue reading

This Is What It’s All About

I was so happy to read an inspiring blog update from Mercy House Kenya.. Beautiful Sarah and her little boy Myles.. This is what it’s all about.

Truly a happy story to brighten your day 🙂

Here’s Mercy House Kenya’s facebook update:

one pregnant girl rescued from a terrible situation + one miraculous c-section to save her baby’s life + 9 days in a private hospital with epic care =priceless. Reality: nearly $2900. Thank you God for providing. P.S. Everyday a different hospital staff member visited Sarah and brought her little gifts! And the OBGYN’s college daughter is serving at our home 3 days a week! We are so thankful for their love and care.

Sarah and Myles home from hospital!

That $2900 medical bill? That’s where our money is going. That’s what The Sunflower Effect is supporting.

Read the full story here.

Happy weekend everyone!


To find out about Mercy House Kenya and how this blog is supporting them through The Sunflower Effect, click here.

To donate to Mercy House Kenya, click here. All donations are tax deductible and go towards helping people like Sarah and Myles.

*The Sunflower Effect supports the work of The Mercy House Kenya and Kristen Welch (

News Flash: New Baby Born @ Mercy House!

Yesterday a precious baby was born to Sarah, one of the residents at The Mercy House. During a routine check-up, doctors diagnosed her baby with fetal tachycardia and Sarah underwent an emergency caesarian. The baby – a tiny little boy … Continue reading

True Story: Lidia

Lidia & Celia

Hi all~

I hope today has been a good-en’!

I’ll try and post at least one True Story: each week. It’s so encouraging to hear about women who’s lives have been changed and restored through the love of others. Today’s beautiful lady is Lidia – her story comes to us with much thanks to Compassion. This is her story.. Continue reading

FACT SHEET: Mother & Child Mortality

  • Every minute a woman dies in pregnancy or childbirth. That’s over 500,000 deaths every year.

  • Annually, one million newborns die within their first 24 hours of life due to lack of quality care.

  • In Timor-Leste, a mother has a one in 35 chance of dying in childbirth or from pregnancy complications compared to Australian women who face a one in 13,300 risk.

  • 1 500 mothers and 10 000 newborns die every day due to complications that could have been prevented just with the presence of a skilled birth attendant.

Every (1) of these mothers and babies matter.


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