#87 – The Secret River

I’ve just finished Kate Grenville’s book, The Secret River. It’s a beautiful book, as are all her books, and it is incredibly challenging. As an Australian, it forced me to reconsider a lot of ideals, opinions, events etc.

As the lead character, William Thornhill so aptly said, when we ignore a person’s suffering, the evil becomes a part of us.

I’m thankful for this book and the lessons it holds within its pages. Let us not become complacent towards others sufferings, past and present.

#86 – Ye Old English

I just realised that I completely forgot about my 365 Days this week! Oops. Oh well.

Anyway, today I’m excited about and thankful for Old English. Have you ever read Lanval, I Sing of a Maiden or The Corpus Christi Carol? They’re stunning, brilliantly written and almost magical.

If you like reading and if words are your passion, seriously, grab a copy and have a read (or look them up on the net). You won’t regret it!