#103 – It’s a journey

Today marks five months since Dad died. It was a tough day and caught me by surprise but from the place I’m in right now I can definitely say I am grateful to be this far along. It’s hard now but doesn’t even compare to how hard it was. There’s always something to be grateful for. Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh 🙂

#100 – Grateful for their sacrifice

I am so very grateful to those who sacrificed their lives (whether they died at war or are still living, haunted, today) to give our nation a peaceful future, full of opportunities.

I’m studying history at uni so have been thinking about war a lot lately and though I don’t yet understand the concept of war, I am incredibly thankful for the sacrifices made and will make sure that neither I, nor my children will ever forget.

Lest we forget. Anzac Day, 2013.

#97 – Local history = awesome fun!

Today I had the best afternoon, discovering Wisemans Ferry and checking out some of the sites whose stories were told in Kate Grenville’s book, The Secret River. So interesting! I was so excited that my legs were a bit wobbly!

For those who have read it, the lions are still there on the gate posts and the cliffs are pocketed with caves. I can just imagine Jack/Solomon sitting on that big old verandah, watching those cliffs for a sign of life….

I don’t know if the fish is really there…maybe ill go back again one day and ask if I can see it… 🙂