#17 – One month on


Today marks one month since Dad died. It’s been a sad day. I have a deep sense though, that after losing many dreams and hopes through the loss of my dad, that there is room for new truths, dreams and hopes for the future…which is, for the first time in a long while, looking bright.

Thank you that there is always hope for the future….and new dreams to be caught.

#16 – Watercolours

While we were at the hospital with Dad, his friend taught me a little bit about painting with watercolours (mainly: do what you want, how you want, if you want). Now I really enjoy doing it…it especially helps me sort out my emotions.

So…..I’m really thankful for watercolour paints & crisp white paper. 🙂

#10 – Heaven according to kids

Along this journey, my kids have seen me cry quite a lot. I’m not trying to hide my emotions from them. I want them to see grief and that it’s good to cry. I hope that in the future it will be helpful for them.


Often when I’m upset and missing Dad, they start telling me all about Heaven. They’ve all read the kids version of the book Heaven is for Real so they have some beautiful, graphics ideas about what it’s actually like.

“No one cries in Heaven,” they say.

“And when you walk on the flowers they don’t die, they just pop back up again!”

“It’s going to be so much fun!” my son exclaims.

It’s in moments like these I remember that the sun is always shining above the clouds and that even though it’s hard for those left behind, he’s actually doing great now; no more pain or disappointment, regret or fear. Just joy, love and complete freedom. And one day we will have that too.

So thanks for the reminder kids, you mean more to me than you can imagine.