One More Woman, One More Baby – Both Safe

Another amazing, beautiful story… another woman saved… another child saved…

Read here about Edith and her precious baby Hawi… last week was a tough one for them, but they made it through and are now in the loving hands of Mercy.

* * *

I went to parts of Colour Conference last week and really enjoyed myself – as I always do there! So, there are many thoughts banging around in my mind, too many to be able to write about yet.. I need to sort it all out before I can put it down here. So please forgive me if my postings are sparse this week!

Joni xx

*The Sunflower Effect supports the work of The Mercy House Kenya and Kristen Welch (

Week’s Wrap Up

Hi all

I’m off to Colour so I won’t be on here much for the next few days..

But before I go, here’s a little wrap up of the week, in case you missed anything.

I started the week sharing a little bit about myself and why The Sunflower Effect means so much to me.. we jumped on board with the Mercy Spring Drive (no cars involved!).. I’m collecting non-fiction soft cover books for the Mercy House school room. Contact me if you’d like to donate any....and we learned about Mariama Boubacar and her family and how she has learned important tips which will help keep her future children alive..

Mercy House is going amazing things and I love being a small part of that! I hope you do too 🙂

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

Joni xx

*The Sunflower Effect supports the work of The Mercy House Kenya and Kristen Welch (

True Story: Mariama Boubacar


Name: Mariama Boubacar

Age: 25 years

Origin: A hamlet near Ouallam, in the west of Niger

I was married at 15 and pregnant at 17. Unfortunately, that first baby died through lack of assistance. It was only on the third day of labour that the baby came into the world lifeless. At the end of my second pregnancy I ended up with fistula because no-one helped me during birth. Continue reading

Mercy’s Spring Drive

Do you have any non-fiction paperbacks you don’t need anymore? Mercy House wants them!

They’re having a Spring Drive (as they say in the US..)

Mercy House Spring Collection Drive: Paperback non-fiction books!

We are collecting books to build a “library” at the maternity home. Besides Jesus, education is the key to our girls’ future success. Most of our girls are below level (some primary), and we want to instill in them a deep love for reading.

We are collecting non-fiction books (only paperback due to weight) on all things science, art, picture books, etc. to fill our homeschool library (Fiction like Laura Ingalls Wilder book is also acceptable).  Continue reading

What The Sunflower Effect Means To Me…

Sometimes we hear of tragic things happening and we want to help – but often we feel helpless and give up before we’ve even started. The problems of this world are huge – too much for one person to solve.

But they were never meant to be solved by one person. Continue reading

Mag Clip: Love Is Always Enough

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Steph Wheeler – an Aussie girl who lives in Cambodia and absolutely loves it – and writing about it for the prettiest, best magazine around: Enhance.

Well, it arrived in the mail last week, all nicely graphic-ed and printed. And as usual it took me a good few days to build up the courage to look at it. It’s always so final you know? Once the words are printed, there’s no making changes! (one of the many bonuses of blogging – you can make changes whenever you like 🙂 )

So, if you’re interested, here it is: Continue reading

News Flash: Mercy Rising

Two years ago at Colour Conference, my heart was moved beyond tears. It was the experience that birthed this blog.

At Colour I learned of the reality of Human Trafficking and that many, many children – the age of my own children – are living as sex slaves. SEX SLAVES. It’s incomprehensible.

Through The A21 Campaign I’ve learned more and helped out where I could. It’s a tragedy I can’t ignore.

So when I learned that Mercy House Kenya have started caring for precious little children who have been rescued from Trafficking, I was excited. Excited to see God doing things all over the place – to get His precious kids out of this horrendous situation.

Here’s an exert from Mercy House’s recent update: Continue reading

Another Small Piece: eBay Auctions Ended


20120313-132100.jpgSo all my eBay auctions have ended.. and in true form, I underestimated the postage and ended up paying for it out of my own pocket. Why do I do that?!


Moving along.

Because of my miscalculations, I didn’t quite make $10 (which is the minimum donation amount set by the online donation site Razoo which I use) so I just beefed it up a bit to make $10 🙂

I’ve had two friends offer to give me all their baby clothes to sell so that will be fun! I just have to make sure I set my postage prices right this time..

If you’re thinking that’s a lot of effort for just $10, here’s a little list of what $10 will do at Mercy House.. it’s definitely worth the effort!

$2 pays for three nutritious meals for each pregnant girl per day
$3 pays for intense, one-on-one counseling, group therapy per girl
$1 pays for clean water, per girl
$4 pays for two weeks of rent, per girl

True Story: Conny

After a great week raising money and awareness at The Sunflower Effect last week, I’m feeling inspired and excited for this week. Thursday was International Women’s Day – and the launch of The Challenge. I’ve finished my challenge – if you want to get involved and do it yourself, click here for more info!

Today I’ve posted Conny’s story – a good news story 🙂 It’s good to read the good new stories – not just the heart breaking ones – and be encouraged and inspired!

Enjoy xx Continue reading