When Frustration Gets the Better of Me

I wrote this post about a month ago, when I was working my little toosh off, getting everything ready to launch The Sunflower Effect (if you don’t know what The Sunflower Effect is, click here for info). I thought you might like to read it.

Be encouraged 🙂


Frustration has been dogging me all day. I tried everything I could think of to get rid of the gnawing feeling in my gut. I did some housework, wrote a list, watched some Gilmore Girls but none of it worked (that’s how bad I was feeling – even Gilmore Girls didn’t work!!)

So finally I sat down and had a chat with God.. which should really be the first thing I do but it usually isn’t (note to self: change this habit!)

I told God how frustrated I was, about the fact that I really  want to make a difference in this world but that it just all seems too hard. I told him that I felt like I had hit a wall. How on earth could I do anything which would change the lives of those dying from normal, everyday things like being pregnant and having a baby? Continue reading

3 Ways to Support New Mums (without spending a dime!)

In Kenya, life is tough for women – especially pregnant women who have no support. Many turn to back yard abortion and tragically, a lot of women die from abortion complications. These women – pregnant and without support – need a safe-haven.

The Sunflower Effect exists to help these women and their babies by raising money for Mercy House in Kenya.  Mercy House is taking in pregnant women, caring for them throughout pregnancy, labour and after.. as long as they’re needed!

It’s definitely a worthy cause – saving lives and all – but we can’t all necessarily afford to support them single-handedly.

If we are all going to put our money together – whatever small offering we can each bring – it adds up so quickly! So why not just give it a try. How about choosing one thing – one idea – to raise some money for Mercy House.. and then sit back and watch what can happen. Continue reading

CNN Story Helps Inspire Mercy House Founding

In 2010, after returning from a trip to Kenya with Compassion, blogger Kristen Welch read a story which broke her heart. It was one of many signs pointing Kristen and her family towards starting Mercy House Kenya.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Beatrice was 14 when she died after an illegal abortion last year, and left a hole in her mother’s heart. Continue reading

The Story of Hadija and Moses

“My twins were born alive; I held them in my arms and it was beautiful. I tried desperately to feed them, but my body was too weak to produce the breast milk they needed. I did everything I could to source nourishment for my babies; I fed them water every day. And yet sat by helplessly as I watched my precious children die one after the other.”

These are the words which broke my heart. The words which started The Sunflower Effect. The words of a heartbroken mother. One who lost six babies – babies who should all be alive today, but aren’t. Simply because there was no help.

This beautiful mother – Hadija is her name – recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She named him Moses. Moses is healthy and alive. Why? Because there was help. The Compassion Child Survival Program stepped in and saved Moses and changed Hadija’s life forever. Continue reading

This Is What It’s All About

I was so happy to read an inspiring blog update from Mercy House Kenya.. Beautiful Sarah and her little boy Myles.. This is what it’s all about.

Truly a happy story to brighten your day 🙂

Here’s Mercy House Kenya’s facebook update:

one pregnant girl rescued from a terrible situation + one miraculous c-section to save her baby’s life + 9 days in a private hospital with epic care =priceless. Reality: nearly $2900. Thank you God for providing. P.S. Everyday a different hospital staff member visited Sarah and brought her little gifts! And the OBGYN’s college daughter is serving at our home 3 days a week! We are so thankful for their love and care.

Sarah and Myles home from hospital!

That $2900 medical bill? That’s where our money is going. That’s what The Sunflower Effect is supporting.

Read the full story here.

Happy weekend everyone!


To find out about Mercy House Kenya and how this blog is supporting them through The Sunflower Effect, click here.

To donate to Mercy House Kenya, click here. All donations are tax deductible and go towards helping people like Sarah and Myles.

*The Sunflower Effect supports the work of The Mercy House Kenya and Kristen Welch (wearethatfamily.com)

Tally Update & Doin’ It Tired (& delirious!)

So The Sunflower Effect is into it’s second week and I’m exhausted *yawn*.

What was I thinking when I decided to commit to a new blog project (as cool as it might be!) and daily blog posts?

Add three kids, a business to help manage (a job which is definitely more fulltime than not) and I find that my days end when I fall onto the couch after nine, so tired I can’t think straight! Then I decided to add a new blogging project. I must be crazy!

Well, truthfully, I love it. I love being busy raising my amazing kids, I love supporting my husband in the business, I love writing, blogging, social networking 🙂 … and I love that at the end of the day, I can still help the women in Kenya with real problems (not like my soppy first world problems – I’m sooo tired! Gah.) Continue reading

Mercy Store

Good morning friends..

One aspect of The Mercy House that I really love is the fact that the women are taught different skills, including jewellery making, to give them options for income after the graduate from Mercy House.

What’s even cooler is that the items they make are sold online, in the Mercy Store with 25% of the proceeds being deposited into the personal bank account of the lovely lady who made it, to be used after graduation to help establish them in a business of their own! How cool is that?! Continue reading

Profile: Cotton On Foundation

There are many people and organisations working towards the same goal: improving child and maternal survival and health standards. In these profile posts I’ll try and spread the word on the good works people are doing to change the situation … Continue reading