I Prefer my Curves

Bella model - Abby

Lately I’ve been feeling the pressure to be a certain size – smaller is always best isn’t it? I don’t necessarily think so. I’ve been exercising hard and eating well for the last few months. I originally started because I knew I needed more energy and I wanted to be in control of my body – so that it would actually do what I told it to!

I’ve noticed though, as the kilos have shed as a result, that I’m not so much in love with the ‘new’ shape which has emerged. Sure it’s nice (and smaller – which would usually be assumed to be ‘better’) but I’ve decided that it’s not as nice as it was before, when I had some extra kilos and curves (and admittedly, rolls). Continue reading


It’s so easy to underestimate the power of friendship…

I enjoyed a high tea with a friend last week… it was just meant to be morning tea but we were there all day… talking, laughing, crying… it reminded me that my friends are some of the greatest blessings in my life – and that they deserve a higher priority… This is one resolution I’m definitely enjoying…

Something to ponder over the weekend…

CEO Sleepout Founder’s Mission

Last night, a thousand CEOs slept rough at Luna Park, raising money ($4m in total) and awareness for the 150 000 people who sleep rough every night. Nudie CEO, James Ajaka, spoke to Kochie on Sunrise this morning:

I had the honour of interviewing CEO Sleepout founder Bernie Fehon a few years ago. Here’s an article I wrote for Blue Mountains Life magazine in 2009. As you’ll see, the Sleepout has gone from strength to strength in the years since! Continue reading

Positive Media

I’ve been noticing some fresh, positive media floating around the place and loving what I see!! I thought it would be nice to have a look at some of the positive stuff going on in the world of media.

A lot of people are talking about new movie Soul Surfer – which thrills me. The movie follows the true story of a young girl (Bethany Hamilton) who loses her arm (to a shark no less!) while doing what she loves – surfing. Her faith in God helps her get through the experience and eventually return to the sport. The cast includes Helen Hunt, Denis Quaid and Carrie Underwood.

Critics are commenting on the faith-based nature of the film (not altogether

Bethany Hamilton

positively, as would be expected): Continue reading

My apologies for my posting slackness this week.. I’m right on deadline for an article so am focusing all my attention on that.. Will be back online next week!

Supre Called to Account

The following article appeared on news.com.au earlier this week, proving that people power works:

TWEEN clothing brand Supre is under fire after running sexual adverts featuring a topless model in its latest clothing campaign.
The Advertising Standards Bureau said it had received many complaints about the images that appeared in print and on buses that show young topless girls in jeggings  (a jeans-leggings cross) with only their hair covering their breasts, as well as the television commercial that contains “sexualised content”.
As a result, all Supre posters in store have been taken down and it has pulled its bus campaign.
“The board noted that the image is a large image on buses and is therefore able and likely to be seen by a very broad audience, including children,” the case report read.
“The complaints focus mainly on the sexualised content, the time slot in which the ad is shown, and also the promotion of body size,” said Sari Mattila, an ASB spokeswoman.
“The bureau is now in the process of contacting advertisers on receipt of the complaints.”
The ASB is also investigating the TV ad which features a model dancing provocatively in her bedroom.
“If the board considers that the ad breaches the code, the advertiser is asked to remove the ad,” Ms Mattila said.
The ABS case report refuted claims by Supre that it had targeted the 18-35 age group.
“The board strongly disagreed and noted that the Supre brand is attractive to and very popular with teenage and pre-teen girls,” the report read.
The jeggings campaign has also been blasted by online groups fed up with Supre’s “highly sexualised” campaigns.
“This is a continuation of Supre’s irresponsible marketing,” online group Collective Shout spokeswoman, Melinda Liszewski, said.
“Supre is very popular with 11 to 13-year-old girls.
“Collective Shout supporters have been sending complaints to Supre as these are sexualised ads aimed at a young market,” she said.
The company declined to comment.
“We are currently still working with the ASB on this so would not be able to comment until our response is finalised,” a Supre spokeswoman said.

Collective Shout featured an article on these ads on May 30, Mia Freedman posted about it yesterday and Mumbrella featured an article on Sunday. Many people were unhappy about this ad, they spoke up and now it’s gone. Hip hip hooray for people power!

In further news, high street stores in England have taken a stand and have “banned padded bras and ‘sexually suggestive’ clothes for young girls”. Read more about that here.


Book: Lioness Arising

Some days I don’t feel like being a lioness. In fact, during this season of my life, it seems that most days I don’t feel like it. But according to Lisa Bevere, lioness-ing isn’t an action, it’s a state of mind. Well that’s what I learned from her latest book Lioness Arising anyway.

The book is all about that strength we as women possess. That God given, indwelling, fiercely female strength we all have within us – which we perhaps need to awaken (or allow God to awaken within us). Continue reading