Dilmah – Doing Good All Along

One thing I really  enjoy is finding out that a brand or product I like is ethical in their trading. I think it’s more encouraging and empowering to find and learn about these companies, rather than just those who are not doing the right thing by their workers. I much more enjoy scanning the shelves for products I enjoy, knowing they are made ethically, than boycotting those who are not. (side note: does anyone know if boycotting actually works?)

I was enjoying a cup of tea at Mum’s the other day and commented on the lovely, full flavour. She mentioned it was Dilmah. I’ve always enjoyed Dilmah tea but have avoided purchasing it because it lacks the Fair Trade logo. Silly me. I assumed that because it wasn’t Fair Trade certified that their business structure was detrimental to local communities. As they always say, when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. This was one of those moments 🙂 Continue reading