Day 39: Balancing Your Life

Life is about balance. We’ve all heard that before. Now that we’ve learnt about our five main purposes, we need to remember to try and keep them in balance.

These two statements sum up what this book is all about – God’s five purposes for your life:

  1. “Love God with all your heart”: You were planned for God’s pleasure, so your purpose is to love God through worship.
  2. “Love your neighbour as yourself”: You were shaped for serving, so your purpose is to show love for others through ministry.
  3. “Go and make disciples”: You were made for a mission, so your purpose is to share God’s message through evangelism.
  4. “baptise them into…”: You were formed for God’s family, so your purpose is to identify with His church through fellowship.
  5. “teach them to do all things…”: You were created to become like Christ, so your purpose is to grow to maturity through discipleship. Continue reading