Food for Water – How One Mum is Impacting The World

On the way home from work one day, she had an idea. Eight months later, 1 200 Cambodians have access to clean water because she acted on that idea. This is the story of Rachelle Attieh and how she began impacting the world from her home, one well at a time.

Rachelle’s idea was to start a co-op. Every fortnight, a couple of co-op volunteers would go to the fruit markets and purchase enough fruit and vegetables to fill the co-op orders. Then they would sort the produce into boxes and baskets and everyone would come to pick up their allotment. Due to the freshness and quality of the produce, low prices and the incentive of supporting an important ministry, Rachelle was certain it would be a hit.

This is the story of the Vineyard Co-op in Rachelle’s own words: Continue reading

Start the Conversations

Some subjects are difficult to bring up. Human trafficking, poverty, sexual abuse; these are all subjects nobody really wants to talk about. Ironically, it’s these subjects that we must bring up. If we don’t have conversations about human trafficking, how will the shroud of secrecy be lifted? If we don’t discuss the millions of starving people, from where will the funds come to feed them? If we don’t bring up the fact that our children are being exposed to too much sex, too early, who will even notice it happening?

Part of the edict of Every (1) Matters is to help all of us raise awareness about the issues plaguing our people; because every 1 matters.

 There are some great resources flying around the www so I’ve collated a few. These clips are easy to share, tweet, fb or email. Send them to your friends, family and colleagues. Start the conversations.

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Human Trafficking – A Difficult Subject To Bring Up

Human trafficking isn’t a popular topic. Most of us would prefer to enjoy our comparitively good life than get down and grimy hearing about what goes on in the back rooms of our seediest brothels. Difficult as it may be, it’s important to talk about human trafficking and help others to understand that we all have to do our bit in the fight against it. We don’t have to be full-on about it and there’s no need to traumatise everyone with the gory details but if there’s an opportunity to drop a comment about how common it is or that it’s happening here or to mention a documentary you recently saw (or an awesome blog post you read!!), take the opportunity and allow them to begin processing the fact that human trafficking exists EVERYWHERE.

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Australia: An Appealing Market for Sex Traffickers

Australia is an appealing market for sex traffickers. That came as a surprise when I first read it but on second thoughts, why wouldn’t we be?

On their website, Project Respect lists the following reasons behind the demand for trafficked women in the Australian sex industry: Continue reading