#107 – The New Day’s Gift

As the sun’s rays peek over the roof toops

and the birds find their morning call,

the grass, like blades of ice shivers until the warm glow lands gently on its fronds,

melting the night away;

and the world whispers to those who will hear;

“It’s started, I’m here, this new day.

Enjoy me, for everything I am.

You may need to look closely,

or stop and wait to listen

but treasures are within me,

just wait and see

there are treasures in each new day

for those who stop to hear.

Don’t be sad, downhearted if you miss them

if your day is already so full,

my friend Tomorrow is coming

wait and see what he has for you!”

To my lovely readers, you may have noticed that I’m trying out a few different things and ideas over the past few days .. I hope they’re not too corny for you but it’s fun to express what I’m feeling this way. x


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