#2 – Michelle Obama

20121215-101106.jpgThis morning I read an article about Michelle Obama, or “Mobama”. I’m not into politics but this lady inspires me no end (and not just because of her killer upper arms – although they are impressive haha!)

Before her husband was elected as President of the USA, Michelle had her own successful career – and probably a path mapped and goals set for her future. She was the major income earner for the family. Life changed once Barack was elected though. It would have been impossible for her to continue with her own career in the same way as she had before the election. Michelle seems to have taken a good look around at her changing circumstances, made a plan, inhaled deeply and gone for it. And it worked. Apparently she is now one of the most influential people in America and – many argue – a main reason for Barack’s re-election.

To me that’s inspiring. Sometimes life doesn’t go how we expect or plan. Sometimes the curves and corners bring blessing, other times not so much. Sometimes we simply find ourselves doing something that – quite frankly – we don’t want to do. Did Michelle Obama want to be First Lady of the USA? Who knows. But either way, she has done a beautiful job of where she is at right now. She has supported – and excelled – her husband’s career and public image. I’m no end inspired…which is nice…it’s been a while.

When my dad died last month, many of my dreams, hopes and expectations died with him. This year, through it’s pitfalls and turns, has seen many more of my hopes put on the back burner. Today I feel inspired to start next year with a new perspective. I’m not sure what it will be but that’s all part of the journey!

Today I’m thankful for Michelle who, unknowingly has shown me that there’s always a way to excel…to make lemonade out of lemons…to shine in any situation. Now to find my opportunity in this season….

Joni xx


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