What The Sunflower Effect Means To Me…

Sometimes we hear of tragic things happening and we want to help – but often we feel helpless and give up before we’ve even started. The problems of this world are huge – too much for one person to solve.

But they were never meant to be solved by one person.

This is what The Sunflower Effect means to me: I can do something. And I can do it now.

$330 has been donated to Mercy House Kenya through The Sunflower Effect up to date. This is enough to provide cooking fuel and cover medical expenses for the house for an entire month.

$330 makes a tangible difference to an organisation which is changing, healing, bringing freedom to many lives.

This money has gone towards helping women like Lucy who, despite being kidnapped and raped, has met God and given her life to Him. She now has a bright future ahead of her.

When I think about the money I think of the precious little girls who have been rescued from trafficking – and who are now being loved and cared for in the special new home supported by Mercy House.

I also think about Sarah and her precious new son Myles. Who, after an emergency Caesar and battling dangerous fetal tachycardia, without the care and help of Mercy House, would have had serious trouble, perhaps even fatal.

In this stage of life, I can’t just pull $1000 out of my pocket to donate. But through a little creative thinking and working together little by little, $1000 will be able to be donated.

What The Sunflower Effect means to me is that no matter what stage of life we’re in, there’s something you can do, we can do, something I can do. And it actually makes a difference.

For more information on The Sunflower Effect click here.

For creative ideas on how you can help, without breaking the budget, click here.

*The Sunflower Effect supports the work of The Mercy House Kenya and Kristen Welch (wearethatfamily.com)


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