News Flash: Mercy Rising

Two years ago at Colour Conference, my heart was moved beyond tears. It was the experience that birthed this blog.

At Colour I learned of the reality of Human Trafficking and that many, many children – the age of my own children – are living as sex slaves. SEX SLAVES. It’s incomprehensible.

Through The A21 Campaign I’ve learned more and helped out where I could. It’s a tragedy I can’t ignore.

So when I learned that Mercy House Kenya have started caring for precious little children who have been rescued from Trafficking, I was excited. Excited to see God doing things all over the place – to get His precious kids out of this horrendous situation.

Here’s an exert from Mercy House’s recent update:

Two weeks ago, Mercy House was involved in a risky rescue. It involved two children, trapped in slavery. While we must be very careful of what we share to protect our Kenyan staff, we worked closely with a Justice group and another partnering ministry.

It’s simply amazing how much God has done! These two little girls are now in a safe, remote place getting the medical and emotional help they need. They have a home and are being loved for the first time in their young lives!

These children are not pregnant and needed a home with parental figures, so our maternity home didn’t seem like an ideal fit. We are so excited to announce a home is being created with a small staff to minister to these girls. There are so few places for children who’ve been abused in this way and we are honored to be supporting these children. Several more trapped in this trafficking ring are in danger and we hope to help them too.

We are heartbroken for these girls. But we are so thankful that Jesus loves them so much! His eye is on the sparrow…

If you feel led to give to this, please mark it on your donation.

Read the full update at the Mercy House Kenya blog here.

I’m more pleased than ever to be supporting the work of Mercy House through The Sunflower Effect. This is living proof – there’s a dream in each of our hearts; maybe we will get to help in a hands on way; maybe now, maybe later; but we can definitely help now by being generous with what we have.

Do you have a small piece you could give?


Joni xx

More about The Sunflower Effect..

There are many things I take for granted. The fact that I have food to feed my children – I take that for granted. When I am pregnant, I assume there will be quality health care available to me and my baby. If my children are sick, I know I can pop out to the doctor or chemist for advice and medicine. Without realizing it, our family is kept alive and well by the infrastructure of our country.

The thought that my children would miss out on food for hours, days, even weeks.. until their tiny bodies can no longer function – that’s a thought I’ve never had to ponder, let alone fear. Unfortunately, a large portion of the mothers in our world do have to think through this scenario, fear it and all too often – experience it.

I’m a busy mum. My husband has a business and we have three young children. Like everyone, life is full. But I can’t shake that small still voice inside me which whispers, “No mother should have to watch their child die from hunger..” When I’m going about my day, loving my kids, feeling frustrated by my kids, dropping into bed exhausted by the end of the day – every now and then the thought enters my mind, “Why do some mums miss out on the opportunity to care for their kids like I do?”

The reality is, right now in the western world, as we raise our children and establish our lives, the large majority of us mums are unable to actually go overseas and help – in a hands on way. We can give though, and if we give together, we can make a real difference. It actually doesn’t cost as much as you’d think. Organisations like Mercy House Kenya do amazing things on a tiny budget. They have perfected the art of doing a lot of good, for a small amount of money. The money we give allows the people at The Mercy House Kenya to do what they do best – give life, hope and a future to mothers who are otherwise without all these.

Here’s my idea:

I want to raise money to support The Mercy House. I don’t want to (and can’t!) do it alone. I want to do it with you – the readers – if you’re keen and agree with me; that other mums deserve just as much opportunity as we do.

These precious ladies have just moved into The Mercy House Kenya (left to right, Violet, Elizabeth and Lucy)

No matter how small (or big!).. every donation will allow Mercy House Kenya to help women and their babies. If we all give the bit we can afford, together we can make a large donation to help the people at Mercy House Kenya do what we can’t do right now. The Sunflower Effect is signed up at Razoo (kinda like the EverydayHero site). You can donate at Razoo by clicking here and the money will go directly to Mercy House!

What is Mercy House Kenya?

Mercy House Kenya was started by Kristen Welch from We Are That Family (blog) last year as a safe haven for women who are pregnant and in danger. Annually, 21,000 women are hospitalized from having an illegal, unsafe abortion in Kenya (Center for Reproductive Rights). With rape being incredibly common and 1500 women dying in childbirth everyday in Africa (WHO), Kristen and her family decided to do what they knew God wanted them to do and opened a home in Kenya. The home is run by Maureen, a Compassion International Leadership Graduate and provides medical care, counselling, safety, bible teaching, education, opportunities for future self-employment and more.

I’m really excited about doing this – I hope you are too 🙂 Let’s do this thing together.

*The Sunflower Effect supports the work of The Mercy House Kenya and Kristen Welch (


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