International Women’s Day:: Challenge!

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. I wanted to do something to celebrate the day and also to show my support to the women living at Mercy House Kenya.

Wanna join me?

The challenge is fun, easy and (I hope!) inspiring.

There are three simple steps, do them now, or early next week – whenever!

Step One: {Every (Woman) Matters}

Read about the women at Mercy House Kenya.

Is there a particular lady you connect with? ‘Adopt’ her for the day.

Read about her; pray for her.

Step Two: {A Love Note}

Write her a note. Encourage her, love her, show her that she matters – that you have noticed her.

Mail your note to:

The Mercy House
8000 Research Forest Dr Ste. 115-110
Spring, TX 77382

(Let me know who you write to so we can try to not double up!)

Step Three: {A Powerful Gift}

$10 is all it costs to provide one precious girl with three nutritious meals; an intense, one-on-one counseling session; clean water and two weeks rent.

Round off the celebrations by donating just $10 through Razoo by clicking here – your gift will impact the lives of these women.

International Women’s Day is tomorrow – March 8th.

Wondering what all this Sunflower Effect bizzo is about? Basically, it’s a blogging project raising money for Mercy House Kenya. At Mercy House, they take in women who are pregnant and those who have newborns – whose lives are endangered.

Sad facts on the state of maternal and child mortality in Kenya:

  • Annually, 21,000 women are hospitalized from having an illegal, unsafe abortion in Kenya. (Center for Reproductive Rights)
  • Abortion is a volatile topic in Kenya.
  • 13,000 Kenyan girls are kicked out of school for being pregnant. (Center for Reproductive Rights)
  • 25% of pregnant women in Kenya are HIV positive (ObGyn in Kenya)
  • Every 30 minutes, a woman is raped in Kenya. (Nairobi Women’s Hospital)
  • Mothers often force their daughters into trading sex for food in the slums (CNN)
  • More than 20,000 children are sex trafficked in Kenya (Human Trafficking)
  • 1500 women die in childbirth every day across Africa (WHO)

The people at Mercy House care for the precious women and their babies. They love them, comfort them and shower them with affection.

On the practical side, the women are educated and trained as business women and mothers.While the babies receive proper nutrition and a safe start to life in a secure, loving environment.

Lives are changed, people are given back their future.

For more info on The Sunflower Effect and Mercy house, click here.

*The Sunflower Effect supports the work of The Mercy House Kenya and Kristen Welch (

Stats courtesy of Mercy House Kenya

Pregnancy image

IWD image


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