My Challenge This Week

Hi all đŸ˜‰

I had a great time last week, raising money and awareness for Mercy House Kenya through my little blogging project The Sunflower Effect.

The whole idea behind The Sunflower Effect is that we all have something to give, a piece we can put together with other pieces. Some pieces are bigger (a couple of people have donated $100 to the project – which is hugely generous!) and some are small (like the $10 I gave last week which I made selling rosemary from my garden).

So far $270 has been raised for Mercy House Kenya through The Sunflower Effect – a perfect example of The Sunflower Effect in action! $270 does A LOT in Kenya, a few small pieces are making a difference, right now.

Anyway, the point of this post was to let you know the challenge I’ve set for myself this week.

MY CHALLENGE: I’m going to list some unneeded things from around the house on eBay, all proceeds to go to The Sunflower Effect.

Tonight I’m going to search out all the bits and pieces we’d be better off without, that I can translate into yet another small piece to add.

I’m really excited about this one because the sky’s the limit! (and because apparently it’s super easy to list on eBay with their new fangled iPhone app which I’m looking forward to trying out..) As always, I’ll keep you updated.

If you want to jump on board with me and put your piece together with others’, click here for more info.

Oh and don’t forget to say hi! I want to hear suggestions – maybe I’ll challenge myself to do yours next week?!

Bye for now,

Joni xx

The Sunflower Effect supports the work of Mercy House Kenya and Kristen Welch from


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