The Story of Hadija and Moses

“My twins were born alive; I held them in my arms and it was beautiful. I tried desperately to feed them, but my body was too weak to produce the breast milk they needed. I did everything I could to source nourishment for my babies; I fed them water every day. And yet sat by helplessly as I watched my precious children die one after the other.”

These are the words which broke my heart. The words which started The Sunflower Effect. The words of a heartbroken mother. One who lost six babies – babies who should all be alive today, but aren’t. Simply because there was no help.

This beautiful mother – Hadija is her name – recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She named him Moses. Moses is healthy and alive. Why? Because there was help. The Compassion Child Survival Program stepped in and saved Moses and changed Hadija’s life forever.

The question is, will you allow your eyes to well over and cry for Hadija’s lost babies? Will you feel compassion and wonder, what if that was me? After all, the only difference between Hadija and us, is that we were born in a different country. A country which values women and provides health care and support. That’s the ONLY difference.

While we’re blessed here in Australia, we’re not all able to make large donations. Most of us can make small ones though – I’m talking $10, $15 even. And if we all give our small donation, more women like Hadija will get to care for and raise their precious children.

People like those working at The Mercy House Kenya – a home for pregnant women where they are nurtured, cared for, educated and shown the love of God right through pregnancy, childbirth and way beyond. Most of us can’t go to Kenya and save lives, rescue mums, provide care. But we can enable those who can.

Will you put your small amount out there? And watch what it does?


About The Sunflower Effect:

How does it work?

Donations. No matter how small (or big!).. every donation will allow Mercy House Kenya to help women and their babies. If we all give the bit we can afford, together we can make a large donation to help the people at Mercy House Kenya do what we can’t do right now. The Sunflower Effect is signed up at Razoo (kinda like the EverydayHero site). You can donate at Razoo by clicking here and the money will go directly to Mercy House.

How do I donate?

  1. Go to
  2. Search “The Sunflower Effect”
  3. Click the “Donate” button

What is The Mercy House Kenya?

Mercy House Kenya was started by Kristen Welch from We Are That Family (blog) last year as a safe haven for women who are pregnant and in danger. Annually, 21,000 women are hospitalized from having an illegal, unsafe abortion in Kenya (Center for Reproductive Rights). With rape being incredibly common and 1500 women dying in childbirth everyday in Africa (WHO), Kristen and her family decided to do what they knew God wanted them to do and opened a home in Kenya. The home is run by Maureen, a Compassion International Leadership Graduate and provides medical care, counselling, safety, bible teaching, education, opportunities for future self-employment and more.

*The Sunflower Effect supports the work of The Mercy House Kenya and Kristen Welch (



One thought on “The Story of Hadija and Moses

  1. God bless ev1 including mother&baby moses.may the stars4the other babies shine bright@night,no mother should ever have2go thru pain like that.:(

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