Tally Update & Doin’ It Tired (& delirious!)

So The Sunflower Effect is into it’s second week and I’m exhausted *yawn*.

What was I thinking when I decided to commit to a new blog project (as cool as it might be!) and daily blog posts?

Add three kids, a business to help manage (a job which is definitely more fulltime than not) and I find that my days end when I fall onto the couch after nine, so tired I can’t think straight! Then I decided to add a new blogging project. I must be crazy!

Well, truthfully, I love it. I love being busy raising my amazing kids, I love supporting my husband in the business, I love writing, blogging, social networking 🙂 … and I love that at the end of the day, I can still help the women in Kenya with real problems (not like my soppy first world problems – I’m sooo tired! Gah.)

Anyway, an update on my progress so far.

$70 has been kindly donated by readers (thanks!!) to The Mercy House Kenya through The Sunflower Effect to date. $70 just about covers petrol/gas costs for Mercy House for a month! That’s some good, practical support.

My aim is $1000. A little way off but I’m only just getting started!

I’m way too tired to explain it all right now (I’m writing this while falling asleep – literally – ha!) but click here if you want to read about The Sunflower Effect and click here to read about the amazing and fantastic Mercy House in Kenya and if you want to donate, click here 🙂

It’s likely that I’ll wake up tomorrow, re-read this badly written post and be mortally embarrassed by it but too late buster!

Anyway, l’m going to keep trying to find ways to raise funds and awareness and have fun while doing it 🙂

So what if I’m tired and busy?! Tired schmired.

x … zzzzzzz



2 thoughts on “Tally Update & Doin’ It Tired (& delirious!)

  1. Joni, your heart is beautiful and your post is far from embarrassing. If only we would all give all that we can for a cause greater than ourselves and of eternal significance. I salute you! I’m looking forward to having a good read about your new project xx

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