Meet the Ladies at Mercy House

Today I thought it would be fun to meet the beautiful women currently living at The Mercy House Kenya.

These women all have stories – many of them are pregnant due to rape or because they were forced to sell their bodies into prostitution so they could buy food.

But now they have hope.

At The Mercy House, they are being loved and cared for in a secure home. All pre and postnatal care is paid for and they are receiving a great education in the areas of nutrition (vital, due to the damage done to their body by poverty) and schooling. They have full access to counselling services and the love of God is being shared with them. They are also learning skills for life (cooking, cleaning etc.) and skills for future income earning. Their babies are entering the world with a bright future ahead of them.

These are the lovely ladies this blog is supporting through The Sunflower Effect:

 Lucy (pictured holding the first baby every born at The Mercy House!), 16 is due in April

Elizabeth, 17, due in May

Violet (on the right), unsure of age, due in May“Violet was released directly from a 3 month stay in a Kenyan hospital Burn Unit. Thankfully, she and her baby survived the attack. She is an orphan without a home and we are now her family. We will be sharing more about her story in the future, as she is under weekly medical care and will be needing surgeries in the future. We are believing God to help us pay for all of her medical needs.”

Left to right, Charity, Maureen, Cindy, Quinter, Sarah and Felistas (no longer living in the home).

Through The Sunflower Effect, we can all do our little bit to help these beautiful women and their precious babies. The whole idea behind The Sunflower Effect is that we’re all living under the same sun – we are all connected and when we each put in our little bit, we can really help. It seems unfair that so many women aren’t given the chances and opportunities we are, to raise healthy, safe children in a loving home environment. If you want to support the women at The Mercy House, here are three ideas to get you started today.


  1. Grow. If you’re a keen gardener, why not plant some sunflowers and sell them. Proceeds could go to The Sunflower Effect!
  2. Read. Have a look at The Mercy House blog to gain more of an insight into the everyday lives of these women.
  3. Pray. The Mercy House have specific prayer requests on their site here.

To support The Mercy House by donating through The Sunflower Effect, visit Razoo and donate through the secure site. Donations are tax deductible but I should mention that Razoo has set a $10 minimum donation amount. To visit this project’s profile on Razoo click here.

Have a lovely day! See you tomorrow 🙂

Joni x

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