I Prefer my Curves

Bella model - Abby

Lately I’ve been feeling the pressure to be a certain size – smaller is always best isn’t it? I don’t necessarily think so. I’ve been exercising hard and eating well for the last few months. I originally started because I knew I needed more energy and I wanted to be in control of my body – so that it would actually do what I told it to!

I’ve noticed though, as the kilos have shed as a result, that I’m not so much in love with the ‘new’ shape which has emerged. Sure it’s nice (and smaller – which would usually be assumed to be ‘better’) but I’ve decided that it’s not as nice as it was before, when I had some extra kilos and curves (and admittedly, rolls).

So, you may ask, where am I going with this? I know you don’t really care about my weight or exercise regime but I’m getting to my point. In the past few weeks, I’ve discovered that smaller isn’t necessary better. It’s also true that despite public sway being ‘against’ fad diets and media pressure to be skinny, ‘fad diets and media pressure to be skinny’ is still a normalcy. As Erica Bartle reported today in her What’s the Gloss? segment, many magazines are still spreading the word that small is best and that fad diets are the best way to get there;

(…talking about articles in the current issue of Grazia)…The AFL St Kilda schoolgirl scandal, an anorexic Allegra Versace lamenting, “I wanted one thing – to be no one, to not be recognised, not be hunted down”, followed by Hollywood’s “Fat Whisperer” on the next page (“she claims she can talk to fat cells and as a child wanted to ‘heal like Jesus'”), the baby-food diet spread (saved by a health expert who recommends, “you need to feed your body the nutrients it requires”)… just make me want to weep.

OK! magazine’s ‘Shrinking Stars’ may attract “Just have a few big meals!” remarks, but that kind of snark isn’t going to get us anywhere, but nor is comparing ourselves to the skinny-minnies “Too stressed to eat” pictured in the magazine’s cover story spread.

What’s with the size obsession?!

I’m probably the last person in the country to fall in love with ADELE but over the weekend while I was browing Pinterest I found this cool clip:

It seems I’m not the only one who thinks her own body looks better ‘bigger’ (whatever ‘bigger’ means?!) Regardless of the fact I’m continuing with regular exercise and healthy eating, I’m enjoying having the freedom to choose for myself how I want to look and what size I feel best in.

What do you think? Do you feel like you can choose which size suits your figure best or do you feel the pressure to be a ‘smaller’ version of yourself?

Here are some pics of gorgeous women who kinda prove me right 🙂


Bella model - Zarema

Bella model - Abby

The classic - Kate Winslet in The Titanic

Credits: Oil Painting Shop, MyMovieBanners, BellaModels,Pinterest


8 thoughts on “I Prefer my Curves

  1. I have decided that I am a mature woman. I have curves. I will never be the slender toothpick I once was (and my teenage daughter now is). It means that there are some clothing stores I will never shop in again. So what?! I like my figure. My hubby loves it. I like my butt. I think my legs are shapely. I have nice sized boobs. Before I sound like an ego-maniac, I should mention that I’m not thrilled with my tum. But I am learning how to dress around that. As long as my weight is constant (and not ever increasing), I think this is healthy. So my BMI is a smidge over 25. My age is too! And that’s okay 🙂

    • I love love love it Janet! I love hearing women talk positively and proudly about their shape. Thanks for sharing such a great comment.. I’ve shared it on fb because I love it so much! xx

      • Heh heh heh, glad you liked … I’m actually working on turning it into a post on the Footprints blog … will link back here when I do!

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  3. Ladies, let’s cut the crap, I’m a great looking guy, I exercise every morning for an hour, I love life, I have a fantastic job, i feel great
    and I would never consider dating or being with a skinny woman, EVER!!
    We guys love flash in a woman and I can’t think of kissing skinny lips, my woman needs to be fleshy and gorgeous from the outside and the inside, I don’t want her to starve herself because of an image in a magazine.

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