Positive Media

I’ve been noticing some fresh, positive media floating around the place and loving what I see!! I thought it would be nice to have a look at some of the positive stuff going on in the world of media.

A lot of people are talking about new movie Soul Surfer – which thrills me. The movie follows the true story of a young girl (Bethany Hamilton) who loses her arm (to a shark no less!) while doing what she loves – surfing. Her faith in God helps her get through the experience and eventually return to the sport. The cast includes Helen Hunt, Denis Quaid and Carrie Underwood.

Critics are commenting on the faith-based nature of the film (not altogether

Bethany Hamilton

positively, as would be expected):

“The emphasis on the family’s strong Christian values leaves a syrupy taste…” Body & Soul, June 5

“Hamilton’s story is a human one with spiritual underpinnings, yet to the detriment of the inherent drama, the filmmaker tells it the other way around”  Simon Foster, SBS, May 29

Unfortunately, it seems that one thing most critics agree on is that the sentimentality (or cheese factor) is a little over done, as Michael O’Sullivan of the Washington Post said:

“The swells of inspirational storytelling sometimes threaten to swamp the underlying inspirational story.”

Still, I’m happy to see a wholesome film – which is basically about the strength which comes from a relationship with God – being watched by the masses.

New City is also getting out there. A free monthly magazine/paper, the by line is “Positive, healthy and successful living.”

I’ve heard that the publication has Christian origins but couldn’t find anything to confirm this. With articles entitled Take Control of Your Thoughts, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and an interview with heavy weight boxer, Solomon Haumono blazing the words “You Can’t Quit!” it’s certainly a positive, encouraging read!

Grab a copy at your local train station or selected outlets or sign up to receive it online.

Credits: Rotten Tomatoes, Soul Surfer (the movie), New City, My Hero, Polaris Media Group

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