The Body Shop: “Proud Retail Activists”

I’ve been a fan of The Body Shop (and specifically, of their campaigns) since I was in high school when I found a body shop post card that looked just like this:

To a teenager struggling with low self-esteem and body confidence issues, it spoke volumes.

Today, the Body Shop is continuing their good work. They’re helping people all over the world (including people in poverty situations and those with low self-esteem), using sustainable products and providing us with wonderful stuff to buy (I love their fragrances!!) – skin care, gifts, cosmetics, fragrances, hair products… the list goes on… when it comes to self care, The Body Shop has it covered. But not only do their products care for us, they also care for the people who made them (their prices are good too..)

Here’s what the people at The Body Shop say about their approach to ethical business:

“The Body Shop is committed to social and environmental justice on a local and global level.  This goes way beyond “corporate social responsibility”.  For us, our success in contributing to the common good is just as important as making a buck.  We’re not perfect, but we strive to continually improve and live out our values every day.

“One important way we do this is to campaign.  Being concerned with our sustainability and ethics is only the first step.  We are proud retail activists and we feel a great responsibility to educate our customers on important issues and help them take action.  We do this by creating close Values Partnerships with some of Australia’s best non-government organisations.”

For information on how they follow this through, click here.

It’s a good enough excuse for me to have a Body Shop splurge! But seriously, let’s get behind the companies who are doing GOOD for our world and the people who live on it.

The Body Shop products are available in store (click here to find a store closest to you) and online which just makes the deal even sweeter 🙂

My fave perfume 🙂

Credits: Saving Addiction, The Body Shop,

One thought on “The Body Shop: “Proud Retail Activists”

  1. I remember those postcards from my teen years too 🙂
    Thanks for the reminder about this great company, it’s been a while since I’ve ventured into one of their stores, but I’m thinking some new body butter might be a good (& ethical!) way to start off winter!

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