Aussies Living in a Slum

So, this post is about a family who have me intrigued. I first heard about the Barkers when chatting with Ros Jamieson from Hands & Hearts about her venture; selling Fair Trade products via party plan (read more about that here).

The Barker Family

Ash and Anji Barker moved their family to Bangkok in 1992. They live in the Klong Toey slum with 80 000 people. Ash and Anji founded Klong Toey Handicrafts which is an initiative enabling men and women to provide an income for their families, based on Fair Trade principles. The Barker family has made a life for themselves in Klong Toey which is, as you can imagine, completely different to the lives led by families in Australia.

The concept of moving to a slum and evangelizing the community using simple love and friendship is a beautiful one and I’d love to know more about how they work it as a family. They spoke about this a little in their Sunrise interview below.

Klong Toey Slum

It fascinates me that so many people choose to live in foreign lands as missionaries and what lengths they will go to in order to create a good life and experience for their children.

I really admire these people.

I’d love to have the chance to interview them sometime but in the meantime, here are some clips to whet your appetite:

They were interviewed on Sunrise and on Hope 103.2

What do you think? Is overseas missions work something you’d like to do? Are you a missionary? How have you made it work as a family?


Klong Toey Slum


Klong Toey Handicrafts

Hope 103.2


7 thoughts on “Aussies Living in a Slum

  1. I take my hat off to missionaries – I couldn’t do it!!! I have been to a couple of developing countries – Vanuatua, and the Philippines – and that was enough for me. My heart and passion is for women right here in Australia, particularly those in the outback or isolated by illness or other reasons. Guess that’s why I run Footprints!

  2. Hey Joni…love hearing inspiring stories. I have a heart for missions but also love the idea of being able to come back home. Am posting a fabulous story a little later on about a girl with an extraordinary idea, bringing resolution to the children of Africa….. pop by and check it out. (waiting for blogger to come back on line!!) Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Hey any ideas how i can go about contacting them for volunteering opps? have been following this for quite sometime and having no replies from my email. boohoo. hahaha. im serious on this!

    • Hi Cheryl

      Sorry, I don’t have any contact details for them other than what could be found on the internet. I hope you can get in touch with them soon though!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Joni xx

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