This is How I’m Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mothering is something we all want to do right. We each do it differently, with our individual beliefs and priorities but to date, I’ve never met a mother who wasn’t trying really hard to be the best mum she could be.

In the media, online and around our coffee tables, we debate  issues like discipline techniques, paid maternity leave and educational options. We analyse ourselves, scrutinizing everything we do. We usually don’t let ourselves off too lightly either.

This is all fine (we’ll it’s not fine, but probably unavoidable) for 51 weeks of every year but this week – the week of Mother’s Day – I just want to celebrate motherhood, not critique it. I want to celebrate my motherhood. I want to stop and notice what mothers do for their children; what do for my children and my family.

As a mother, I struggle every day to overcome guilt. It’s amazing what can bring it on; any situation from forgetting to send the right books to school, to feeling like the kids don’t have ‘enough’ toys can wash a horrible wave of guilt across my day. Here’s my point: What about all the great things we do every single day which we don’t even notice? Which I don’t notice? Why do we choose to focus on our weak, unpleasant areas, instead of the wonderful things we do for others every single day?

This Mother’s Day, I’m turning the tables on myself. I will deliberately notice what good I do for my family and deliberately turn a blind eye to my faults – and I’m really going to relish it! After all, when God decided to give me the job of mothering these precious children, He did it with my faults and failures in mind.

This is how I’m celebrating Mother’s Day – how about you?


Love you mom


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