Goodbye 2010 + FREE Pat On The Back For Every Reader

Happy New Year to all of you! What will you keep with you from 2010? For me, 2010 has been a good year; a year of growth and living-outside-my-comfort-zone. I am finishing the year on a note of satisfaction and anticipation for 2011.

I hope as you reflect on 2010 that you congratulate yourself on your wins and don’t just look at the coulda-done-betters. Yesterday, as I wrote my lists of achievements and contemplated the areas which needed working on, I was so happy to note that at the end, my list of achievements far outweighed the list of to-be-worked-ons. This doesn’t mean I’ve achieved anymore than usual or because I’m some amazing high achiever, it simply means I’ve become better at taking note of the good things I do. Instead of beating up on myself and pushing myself to always do better next time, I’ve started to learn the art of appreciating the moment, taking compliments graciously and giving myself a pat on the back. A lesson well worth learning in 2010.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know so many of you as Every(1)Matters has slowly found a niche for itself in the www. Your comments bring a smile to my face… and your clicks do too! Thank you very much to all of you for your support, kind words and friendship.

Like everyone else, I’m in holiday mode this week so instead of writing and researching a full post, I thought I’d share a fun article I wrote recently. ‘Every Man and His Dog Has a Blog’ appeared in the Summer 2010 issue of one of my fave glossies, Enhance Magazine. I had fun chatting with Erica Bartle of Girl With A Satchel, Catherine Oehlman of SquiggleMum and Melinda Tankard Reist about blogging. Click here to have a squizz.

Enjoy! xx

PS – Thanks for the fireworks Terren in Virginia!


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