A Story of Hope

Happy Christmas everyone! Oh, I love the feeling of Christmas Eve – everyone’s buzzing (some from excitement.. probably most from stress but I’ll pretend we’re all buzzing with excitement!)

Today I’m honoured to share with you the story of a beautiful friend of mine whose journey to motherhood wasn’t as smooth or timely as she would have liked. Along the way though, she, along with her husband, got so much more than they ever thought they would.

Here’s a story of God’s love and compassion. He notices everything and every 1.

* * *

In 2004, after my husband and I had spent 13 years trying to have children, all we had to show for it was the grief of five miscarriages. Infertility can be a lonely journey and I found myself forever trying to hide the pain, the way I might cover a blemish with makeup.

One day a friend invited us to church so we went along and, after a few months, I gave my heart to Jesus. I haven’t looked back since. Once I found God, I wasn’t lonely anymore. God was taking away the sadness and saying, “It’s okay, it’s not going to be like this forever.”

Then one day I was at work and my phone rang so I went outside to answer it. We had applied for adoption two years earlier but when our moment finally came I was in shock. “We would like to know if you will accept the placement of a baby girl,” the lady on the phone said. I couldn’t believe it – I was finally going to become a mum!

A few days later, sitting outside a stranger’s home, waiting to meet our child was a surreal experience. As soon as we saw our baby girl for the first time she smiled and flashed her dimples; her blue eyes were shining. I had to smile; I’d always thought my children would have dimples and blue eyes. It was like God had been telling me about my children all along.

Twelve months later, almost to the day, our second daughter came into our lives and we are now a family of four.

My husband and I had spent 13 years in sadness and grief. That sadness had sat there for so long but God knew. When we gave our hearts to Him, He lifted the sadness and took it away. The grief and disappointment we experienced was worse than any toddler tantrum we will have to face and we’re forever grateful to God for His joy and for our two precious daughters.

Originally published in the Hawkesbury Courier Newspaper, 4 November 2010

Star pic thanks to Sarsifa


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