Book Review: Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam

This book has the potential to change its readers. It has the potential to touch them deep inside and alter something within, propelling them, making it impossible for them to now do nothing about the atrocity that is human trafficking.

Somaly Mam was abandoned as an infant, raped at twelve and forced into marriage at fifteen. After being sold to a Cambodian brothel, Ms Mam endured an unimaginable existence but was able to escape and has found a way to help other victims of this terrible trade.

Autobiographies are usually difficult to read, but not this one. Ms Mam’s experiences are described in such detail and with such emotion that a typical blow by blow autobiography pales in comparison. A relatively short book, The Road of Lost Innocence is well written, making it, in a literary sense, easy to read. The difficult part is pushing through the wall of self preservation which begs to not have to know anything more of what is going on. If you can get past that, you’ll not regret it. Even though the stories reported in this book are harrowing and haunting and difficult to comprehend, Ms Mam hasn’t shared so much detail so as to traumatise the reader. Enough is said so we gain some understanding but sordid details are left out.

If you’re passionate about ending human trafficking or about issues concerning women, this book is the perfect read for you. This first hand account of human trafficking and specifically the sex trade, is educational and inspirational and a must-read for people with a heart for the trafficked.

“I’d like to say, in this book, that my story isn’t important. The point is not what happened to me. I’m writing about it to make visible the lives of so many thousands of other women. They have no voice, so let this one life stand for their story.” – Somaly Mam, Road of Lost Innocence

Somaly Mam has set up an organisation rescuing women and children from the sex slave trade. Visit the AFESIP website here.

Road of Lost Innocence is available for purchase on Amazon and at any good book store (many libraries hold a copy too).



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