Writing To Your Sponsor Child Just Got Easier

Writing letters to a sponsor child is one of the most important aspects of sponsorship, yet sometimes it can be really hard to do it regularly.

June Gauss, founder of the ‘Write Your Child the Second Friday of Every Month‘ group, has found a way to help Compassion sponsors to write regular, interesting letters.

Listed on the OurCompassion site, the group lists letter topic suggestions and craft ideas to send with letters. They even ‘get together’ online on the second Friday night of each month to write together and inspire each other.

October’s post goes a little like this:

October Letter Writing

Start date: 10/7/2010 End date: 10/8/2010

I’ve posted two craft items for this month’s theme!  HOLIDAYS!!!!

Craft item #1 is a Thanksgiving* Turkey made by “hand” cut outs.  (*USA holiday)

Craft item #2 is a Christmas tree (you can decorate like the one in your home).

Here are a few topic suggestions:

Write about your favorite holiday traditions, favorite food items, what the holidays mean to you, how you celebrate the holiday – is it a small gathering of family or a large gathering of family and friends, favorite holiday memories.  You can write about the fall weather, what your thankful for, if you get snow on the ground, Christmas lights, nativity scenes, etc.

I personally have already told my children about my favorite traditions and food, so I will probably focus on what the holidays mean to me and my favorite holiday memories.

Isn’t this group a great idea?! Because I live in Australia, the timing of the writing workshop doesn’t work for me but checking the site regularly means I always have a supply of topic ideas.

How often do you write to your sponsor child? Do you struggle to find new material to write about? Do you ever include anything extra with your letter?

Check out the group here. While you’re there, take a look around the OurCompassion site – it’s packed full of goodies for sponsors.

I hope you’re all having a great week and that you understand just what an amazing gift you’ve given your sponsor child.


One thought on “Writing To Your Sponsor Child Just Got Easier

  1. This is such a great reminder. We pray for our sponsor child, but don’t always write. I read an article by Compassion about the difference a letter makes in a child’s life. I didn’t realise it was such a big thing for them. Very sad when you think that not every child receives a letter.

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