Gender Equality: Difficult to Weigh Up

Women all around the world are struggling because their gender automatically places them at a rank of lower importance. The UN is fighting to change this. Goal #3 of the Millennium Development Goals is Promote gender equality and empower women

This goal has one target: to “eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education, preferably by 2005, and in all levels of education no later than 2015.”

The UN sites that “for girls in some regions, education remains elusive” and that “poverty is a major barrier to education, especially among older girls”. Employed men still outnumber employed women in almost every developing region and women are still usually given the more vulnerable, dangerous jobs. As a last resort, many women are turning to informal employment which lacks benefits and job security. Even though “top-level jobs still go to men — to an overwhelming degree”, the UN reports that women are “slowly rising to political power, but mainly when boosted by quotas and other special measures”.

We have a long way to go with gender equality, but we probably already knew that. Many cultures are steeped in tradition which undermines and mistreats women.

Boys are more likely to be in primary school than girls Primary school net enrolment/attendance ratio of boys and girls of secondary school age, by region (2000–2006)

My thoughts are; is this a realistic way of measuring gender equality? I know education makes a big difference to a girl’s chances of growing up and getting out of a difficult dituation, but it isn’t the final word. I wonder how gender equality is really coming along and if there’s a more realistic way of measuring its progress?

Here are some projects you can jump onboard with to help empower women and promote gender equality:

  • Living Hope is a program designed to empower women, through the program women are trained and empowered to change their lives, provided with the tools to assist them and the support to help them along the journey.
  • Be Her Freedom in conjunction with A21 is placing value on women by providing a safe place of rescue for women trafficked into Greece. Restoring dignity and empowering them for their future.
  • The Shine program has been running in many parts of the world for a number of years. It instills a message of value and equality.
  • Give Value make awesome, conversation piece t-shirts which tell the world what you think of women being sold as sex slaves.

Thanks a heap to:

The Colour Sisterhood

United Nations




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