Universal education for girls and boys by 2015 – will we make it?

Hi and welcome to lesson two in the Millennium Development Goals! I didn’t realise this but it’s actually a really good time to be learning and thinking about these goals. Our election (Aus) is coming up and our politicians need to know just how many of us are passionate about justice for all.

So, here we go with target number 2:

Ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling

I love it that this target specifies that girls need education as well as boys. Women are so unempowered in many parts of the world and a lack of education gives them no route out. Basic education means freedom to so many!

The UN reports that even though many poor nations are making good progress, they’re doubtful that universal education will be achieved by 2015. They site Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia as the main problem areas for lack of education. For some reason, they say inequality is thwarting any progress towards universal education.

These charts from UNICEF show the distribution of education:

Number of primary school-age children not in school by region

Primary school net enrollment-attendance ratio 2000-2006

Here are some projects being undertaken towards goal #2 right now:

Compassion provides assistance for sponsored children to attend school, through payment of school fees where required or uniforms, school supplies etc. All sponsored children attend primary school.

Watoto provides holistic care for the children in their care including a very high standard of primary and secondary school with an emphasis on vocational training for students in secondary school to allow them to find work after leaving school.

Vision Rescue provides non-formal primary education to the street children of Mumbai through their work on converted school buses. This allows children to transition to formal education or vocational training after primary school education has been completed. Vision Rescue also provide ongoing tutoring to assist children continuing in their formal education.

Thanks for the info:

United Nations

Colour Sisterhood




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