Human Trafficking – August update

Here’s an update on The A21 Campaign’s progress in the war against Human Trafficking (words thanks to updates):

August 2010 Update

Sarah* was recently brought to the A21 Crisis Shelter, where after being welcomed by A21 staff members, she asked, “What do you want from me in return?” When the reply was “absolutely nothing,” Sarah* broke down, and through tears shared her heartbreaking story of being trafficked.

After growing up in an abusive home, Sarah* was trafficked as a young teenager, beaten, raped, and was forced to “service” as many clients as her traffickers brought into the small room where she was held prisoner. She tried to escape many times, but was always found and punished in incomprehensible ways. Finally, with the help of the authorities, she was rescued and brought to the hospital where her fractures and bruises were attended to. Due to the severe starvation that she experienced, her health was in very poor condition, but after spending some time in the A21 crisis Shelter, she has improved significantly and is on her way to full restoration.

The sad reality is that there are many girls, at this moment, that are suffering at the hands of traffickers, and many of them will never find the hope or security that Sarah* has found. This is why The A21 Campaign and local authorities are partnering together to ensure that justice is carried out through the legal system. With the recent court case victory in Greece, and future cases planned, we have the ability to establish precedent, raise awareness, and see traffickers face the consequences of their horrific actions. But more importantly, we have an opportunity to help fight a growing horror around the world.

Through the amazing support of individuals and businesses, we have the ability to see many stories, just like Sarah’s* become a reality. A21 wants to extend a special thank you to everyone who contributed to the sponsorship of 13 girls’ future court cases through the I-Heart Revolution initiative: “This Means Love.” We also want to give a shout out to (Give Value), a newly created organization that designs and sells merchandise to help raise awareness and funds to support A21. Make sure you check out the link and consider sporting a new hoodie or t-shirt with a message!

We know that it takes everyONE to make a difference in the fight against human trafficking – and you play a significant part! Each month we are seeing new girls rescued and restored, as well as new doors of opportunity opening to be able to reach even more victims. If you haven’t checked out our resources section on the website, make sure you take a look for ideas on something you can do this month to make a difference!

* For the protection of victims of human trafficking in the care of THE A21 CAMPAIGN, all names and details pertaining to specific cases are always changed.


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