Election 2010: Active Opportunity

I haven’t blogged about Human Trafficking in a while. Raising awareness of this terrible crime is major reason for this blog so I think I fell off the horse for a  little while. Note to self – must stay on horse!

We have a federal election coming up. What a great opportunity to raise our voice and make sure our politicians know where we stand on this issue.

Human Trafficking is a major problem. In fact, human trafficking is said to be the third largest criminal industry in the world (after arms and drugs). Alarmingly, it is the fastest growing of them all. An estimated 27 million people are enslaved right now.

So why is it so rare to hear of a human trafficker being charged? According to “Trafficking in Persons: Analysis on Europe”, a document produced by UNODC, less people (1 in 100,000) are being convicted for Human Trafficking in Europe than for rare crimes like kidnapping and murder.

UNODC Executive Director, Antonio Maria Costa said on the matter; “Perhaps police are not finding the traffickers and victims because they are not looking for them…” Perhaps!

So, with our pollies out in force, beating the pavement, begging for our votes, they need to know that we CARE about victims of Human Trafficking and we vote. Our country has a RESPONSIBILITY to do something about the problem.

Human Trafficking is a problem in Australia. This has been bought to the nation’s attention with two situations featuring prominently in the media during recent months. Not only that, we have a responsiblity to the people of other nations to do whatever we can to rescue them from this terrible trade.

How can you show politicians you care?

  • Write to them about your concerns and explain how Tuman Trafficking affects families, the community and our Nation.
  • When stories of Human Trafficking are covered by the media, forward it your local MP and highlight the affect of this problem on our society.
  • Organise a fundraiser and invite your local MP to attend. The local media won’t be able to resist doing a story!
  • Tell your friends about Human Trafficking. The more people are aware of what’s going on, the more power we will have to abolish it.
  • Join online causes and use online networking to your advantage (or that of the slaves). Facebook groups and Twitter trends are being used more and more by the media to gain an understanding of public opinion – so TWEET for all you’re worth!

Got any other ideas? We’d love to hear them!


Trafficking in Persons: Analysis on Europe – UNODC

The A21 Campaign

Urban Ministries



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