10 Things Your Heart Needs To Hear… about small beginnings

Bobbie Houston spoke at Sisterhood this morning. You know when someone is talking and it feels like the words are going straight to your spirit, before your mind can even process them? This was one of those moments.

Bobbie shared some wonderful wisdom about small beginnings and I really wanted to share it!

10 Things Your Heart Needs to Hear… about small beginnings

  1. Don’t despise small beginnings. You would only despise a small beginning if you didn’t know what was in it.
  2. Even Jesus came in a small beginning (or a small package) and those who didn’t see what was in Him (His purpose) missed out.
  3. Small beginnings don’t announce themselves or prophesy their finished picture.
  4. The enemy can often see things about our purpose and destiny that we don’t see. If we’re not careful he can push us into a place where we HATE what we’re put on the planet to do.
  5. Mums: we have NO IDEA what is in our children. Our kids are on loan – we must hold them carefully, tenderly and wisely.
  6. Small beginnings test our attitudes, our heart and our endurance. If we lose the plot often enough, we’ll lose sight of the big plan. A bad attitude can flip us out of the picture or even off the page. We must guard our hearts, minds and attitudes. It’s testing ground.
  7. God will put us through seasons to strengthen us so that we have the capacity to stay with the program.
  8. Delight yourself in the Lord and HE WILL give you the desires of your heart.
  9. Destiny always comes as a small beginning but will also be hard work, require sacrifice, due dilligence, relentless commitment and tested obedience. It’s an endurance marathon.
  10. There are times when we get weary and disappointed. Don’t get battle weary, get battle strong.

These words really encouraged and inspired me – in my ‘small beginning’.. I hope they encourage you too.

Have a great day!

Joni xox



2 thoughts on “10 Things Your Heart Needs To Hear… about small beginnings

  1. Wow this is an excellent message! I couldn’t agree more. You know, when I started Footprints it was nothing flash but I really felt God impress on me that “out of tiny acorns, mighty oak trees grow” … and that many women would find comfort, shelter and refreshment under the oak tree that Footprints would grow into …

    • That’s really encouraging Janet – It seems to be that same story that is repeated everywhere over and over… perhaps God is trying to tell us something ;o)

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