Empowering, Inspiring, Challenging

I’ve been reading some awesome posts lately: some empowering, some challenging, all inspirational.

I just had to share my favourites, so grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy the read :o)

Heart & Soul: As honey is to the bee, so is a heart word to the soul.

All the posts on this blog are lovely. Well worded with beautiful analogies, photos and artwork. This post refreshed my

heart, I hope it does the same for you :o)

Sisterhood Blog: Whatever it takes

As a part of the Sisterhood, I feel especially fond of Bobbie. She’s such a wonderful source of inspiration in my life. In this post she shares one reason, she feels she and Brian have been able to achieve “longevity in life and ministry”. As always, this post is fun, hilarious and empowering. Enjoy!

Pearl Alliance: The Significance of Influence

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the power we hold in our hands.. no matter how small our hands are. Challenging but enlightening, this post is a gem!

Pearl Alliance (I’m loving this blog!): Strategies for the everyday worldchanger

Fun and exciting suggestions for changing your world can be found in this cool little post. Grab a pen and paper and have a brain storm while you read this nugget of inspiration.

FlowerDust: The sex cafe

Read by over 50,000 people online, this post struck a chord with many. Posted just a couple of weeks ago, I was pretty confronted by the everyday-ness (!?) of the sex trade in Moldova. The sex cafe is a must read.


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