The Purpose Driven Life

Purpose is so incredibly important, yet sometimes it seems to alude us. I, along with just about everybody it seems, followed along with The Purpose Driven Life book by Rick Warren six years ago when it hit our shelves. I’ve decided to give it another hash. It’s a brilliant book, inspiring, empowering and Godly. I find that my journey to finding or fulfilling my purpose is constantly changing so I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ll learn this time around!

If you want to join me and read through the book, that would be great – so much fun! I’m not expectiing anyone to be revealing deep personal things (unless they’d like to.. ) but sometimes it’s nice to bounce ideas and thoughts off others. If not, that’s cool, follow the journey on this blog and perhaps some of what is learned will be helpful to you.

So here goes:

DAY ONE: It All Starts with God

It’s not about you.

Hmm. Not exactly the words I wanted to read but that’s how the first chapter begins. It’s true though. As The Purpose Driven Life (TPDL) goes on to explain, we were created for God, not the other way around. He had already planned our purpose and destiny before we were conceived. He knew what He needed us to do before we even knew about Him.

I know, this is all pretty humbling but it’s also incredibly empowering. At the risk of speaking ‘christianese’, we are all vessels. As a vessel, we can choose what we hold, what we allow to be within us. The wonderful thing about God is that when we choose to allow Him to be inside us, He begins to do wonderful and amazing things. I feel so incredibly priveledged to be able to help out in the greatest mission of all. God deeply loves His people; each and every person who ever was, is, or will be. I’m awed by the opportunity to be a part of His rescue mission.

Back to the amazing things He does..

I recently met up with some people I went to high school with. They had no recollection of me. Not even – “Oh yeah, I vaguely remember.. ” Nope, nothing. As a kid I was shy, quiet as a mouse; I had zero confidence, inside I was a mess. I grew up in a christian home but never had that personal relationship with Jesus everyone talked about. I also had some pretty tough times as a kid and layer upon layer, my heart hardened and I found myself falling deeper and deeper into depression and self-loathing.

Eventually I gave up trying to ‘get’ a relationship with God and said to Him, “I give up. I can’t do it. I know you’re out there but I just can’t find you. If you want me, you’ll have to come and get me because I can’t do it myself. I’ve tried. I’m sorry.” I felt a bit nervous saying this.. it seemed pretty bold and perhaps a bit disrespectful at the time but I didn’t know what else to do. For a while everything stayed the same and then every now and then something would happen and I’d know that I’d just had a message delivered from above. A kind word spoken by a friend, a breakthrough in my marriage,  a song on the radio touching a soft spot in my heart. Soon these became bigger, more obvious messages. All of a sudden the bible seemed alive to me and I could read it – and enjoy! Worship became personal and I realised that God had heard my heartbroken prayers and had come to get me. He didn’t care that I’d given it all away, He just saw that I wanted to know Him and that the pain from past hurts was too strong for me to be able to find Him. He wasn’t going to let anything stop Him! He had soothed my hurts and balmed my wounds. He had made me whole.

It took about two years but God is now my father and friend. He is my support and encourager. He never lets me down. Whether my worries be about my children, the state of the world or how much housework needs to be done, He always comes through for me, bringing peace and ability to see it through.

I have chosen that He be in this vessel. I have chosen to live my life for Him and honestly, I’ve never been happier or more successful in the different aspects of my life.

Back to TPDL, and the thought for the day; How can I remind myself that life is really about living for God, not myself? For me, all I need to do is try and manage my day myself. Stop praying and relying on God and within an hour or so I’ll be in mini-meltdown. Seriously, I’m so glad life is not about me because I can’t do much at all. If life is about God and this vessel is full of God, it’s looking like being a pretty adventurous, useful, fun life. Thank goodness I say, that life is all about God and not us. What an opportunity!

How do/will you remind yourself that life is about God, not us?

Join me as I blog my journey through Rick Warren’s book; The Purpose Driven Life. Grab a copy here for around $15 if you like, or just follow along via my posts. The first seven chapters can be downloaded for FREE (from Rick Warren’s official website) here. Please comment and leave feedback or let me know what you’re discovering and learning along the way. This is a journey made so much more fun when shared. :o)

PLEASE NOTE: Quotations and bible verses mentioned in this post and other posts relating to The Purpose Driven Life are sourced from The Purpose Driven Life book by Rick Warren unless otherwise stated. This is an independant study and is based on my opinion and experience only.


2 thoughts on “The Purpose Driven Life

  1. Hi Janet – how exciting to have you on board! I’m enjoying the current Footprints too – heaps of great reading in there :o)

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