Revolt of a Soccer Mum

Like thousands of other women who spilled out of Colour Conference this week and last, I’m committing what is in my heart to God and getting busy with what is in my hand (thanks Bobbie :o).

As mothers and wives it’s so easy for us to be dilligently working with our own families, our own communities, our own little worlds, oblivious to the world at large. In fact, most of us (okay, maybe it’s just me!) have been living that way most of our lives.

During the past year, God has been awakening things in my heart that I had very deliberately filed in the ‘leave that for the revolutionists and evangelists’ pile. Thoughts, dreams and passions have been reignited and confirmed, steps ordered and encouraged.

I have three children. MY family is so important to me. So much so that I easily fall into the trap of ‘it’s my duty to look after my family, I can’t think about what’s going on in the rest of the world’. I can’t think about what’s going on in OTHER families. I was in that place for a time but I felt God gently encouraging me to peek outside the comfortable curtains of my soccer-mum existence; to wind down the tinted windows. Not to neglect or deprioritise my children, or to place my husband next in line but to choose not to look away. To decide to listen to the cry of the hungry children, see the faces of women distorted by week-long childbirth, weep at the stastics of the enslaved.

The biggest surprise for me has been my grief. It wasn’t as I’d expected. I expected to be grief-stricken. To bawl and sob uncontrollably at what I saw. I seperated myself from the outside world and all it’s horrors, assuming I’d be emotionally paralyzed by what I learned. My experience over the last twelve months has been the opposite. Yes, I’ve wept for the orphans, felt angry for the mothers and been stunned by the stastics. But the weeping and anger hasn’t been out of desperation. There has been no sense of hopelessness or desperation. God is doing big and wonderful things and isn’t it great that He has chosen us to be a part of it?

Honestly, my main emotion these days is excitement and gratitude. Excitement at what the future holds: freedom, revival, peace?

So this is what is in my hand – this blog; Every 1 Matters. I will endeavour to enlighten and inspire readers. Awareness is the first step towards changing a life, a country or the world. Some posts will be sad, some uplifting, some funny. Hopefully, none will be disheartening or discouraging. My heart; that all would be God inspired.

If you dare, take the challenge. It comes from my heart and God’s. Dare to take a peak. You’ll be surprised by how much GOD you’ll find there…

If you’re eager, the Compassion blog is a great place to start.


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